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Must have Hay Net!

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This is going to sound like a informercial but these hay nets really are fantastic! 

If your like me and don't particularly like getting up to your elbow stuffing hay into a hay net then this is for you! So versatile and easy to use, fuss free and no more itching arms!

High quality clips that swivel so even if your horse is an aggressive hay eater (like mine) it won't matter if they bags gets turned around because the netting is on both sides so they will always have access to hay!

Washing your horse? Don't want to put hay on the ground... problem solved! Simply unclip and hang over a rail or fence and your horse has hay to munch on while you scrub away. If your horse is not really loving eating out of the mesh you can open up the top and it doubles as a hay bag, they can easily get their nose in there to eat while keeping their hay off the ground. It is just so handy and versatile, I wish I had one of these years ago! 

It encourages horses to eat slower and also keeps them busy when they are tied to the float or rail. This durable hay bag that loads from the top and is easily hung up with two detachable straps, Velcro tab for easy opening and closing when filling. You can't go wrong with one of these! 

Measuring 50cm high x 45cm wide x 20cm deep