Collection: Unicorn Saddle Pads

Designed to cater to various disciplines such as Barrel Racing, Trail Riding, Cutting, Reining and Roping we proudly offer saddle pads in varying lengths to accommodate different preferences and saddle sizes. Choose from our 27", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", and 38" length pads, ensuring a perfect fit for a wider array of saddles.

The felt under pad boasts an impressive thickness of 16mm, resulting in an overall pad thickness of approximately 21mm. This remarkable padding ensures the utmost shock absorption your horse needs, especially during high-speed sports. Crafted from 100% natural virgin wool felt, the under pad allows breathability, effectively dissipating heat away from your horse's back. Additionally, it excels at wicking away moisture and sweat, keeping your equine companion cooler and drier throughout the ride.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and performance with our exceptional saddle pads. Upgrade your riding gear today!