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Increased gag action on the 0118-1000 Josey-Mitchell Smooth Slide bit offers more time for the horse to respond while still providing enough leverage to increase shoulder control and balance. The twisted wire mouthpiece offers additional leverage to the corners of the mouth to provide a light, responsive feel so the rider can reframe and rebalance a horse who tends to lean on the bridle.

Martha Josey is quite the legend within the barrel racing industry through her vast accomplishments and highly sought-after year-round clinics. She is an 11-Time NFR Qualifier in Barrel Racing, 1980 NFR World Champion, WPRA and NBHA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist Barrel Racer, and World-Renowned Clinician. Martha and her team took their time designing each bit in her line to aid in the development and growth of each one of her students.

"These bits have proven themselves, not only in our Josey clinics, schools, and seminars but also in competitions worldwide." - Martha Josey

• The horse that needs additional help with shoulder control and balance through timed events.
• The horse that needs to be reframed in a run occasionally.
• The horse that needs added lift and rate when approaching a turn in barrels.
• The horse and rider combo that has been through competitions and is on their way to becoming solidly seasoned.
• The horse that tends to get heavy on the bridle.
• Riders looking to give their horse more response time in timed events.

• Excellent practice bit to keep the horse moving out freely.
• Aids in reframing, balancing, rate, and lift in a run.
• The two-piece twisted mouthpiece offers a slight “bite” for the horse who is prone to getting heavy or pushy on the bridle.
• Gag action sends pre-signals before pressure is applied.

• Applies pressure to the tongue and bars when pressure is applied to the reins.
• Curb chain tightness allows for the customization of pressure.
• Start loose and increase tightness for additional control or increased signaling.
• This bit falls in our Stage C category; Stage C bits are used on horses that respond well to poll pressure and neck reining.

• All leverage bits should be used with a curb chain to function correctly. Without a curb chain, a shanked bit can rotate back toward the rider. Curb chains should stop the shank’s rotation at approximately 45 degrees.
• Cheeks are made of medical-grade stainless steel to prevent rust and guarantee longevity.
• Each bit is closely inspected by a team of expert craftsmen who pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship.
• 7" Cheek
• 5 1/2" Mouth
• Gag Action

• That’s right, we mean it
• If at any point your bit is showing damage, call our customer service team to receive a prompt repair

• Store indoors or in a tack room
• Wipe or brush off debris after each use
• Check your bit for wear before each use

Care Instructions:
Store indoors or in a tack room • Wipe or brush off debris after each use • Check your bit before each use for wear
Bit Style:
Gag Action
Bit Stage:
Stage C (Neck Reining - Horse responds to poll pressure)
7" Cheeks
Mouth Size:
5 1/2" Mouth
Mouth Size:
5 1/2" Mouth
Mouth Diameter:
Mouth Material:
Sweet Iron
Mouth Type:
2-Piece, Medium Twist, Twisted
Endorsed By:
Martha Josey - Ty Mitchell
Horse Size:
Country of Manufacture: