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The Essential Role of Saddle Pads in Barrel Racing Performance

The Essential Role of Saddle Pads in Barrel Racing Performance

When it comes to barrel racing, the saddle pad is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. It plays a crucial role in ensuring your horse's comfort and performance. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at how saddle pads impact barrel racing performance and the different types of saddle pads available.

The Importance of Saddle Pads in Barrel Racing Performance: In barrel racing, every second counts. A well-designed saddle pad can make a significant difference in your horse's performance, helping them run faster and more comfortably. The right saddle pad can also prevent injuries and keep your horse comfortable throughout the competition. Saddle pads absorb shock, distribute weight evenly, and protect your horse's back from rubbing and chafing.

Different Types of Saddle Pads for Barrel Racing: There are many different types of saddle pads available for barrel racing, including wool pads, neoprene pads, foam pads, and gel pads. Wool pads are the most popular among barrel racers because they offer excellent shock absorption and breathability. Neoprene pads are also popular but can become hot and sweaty, causing discomfort to the horse. Foam and gel pads provide good shock absorption but can be bulky and heavy.

Why our Unicorn Saddle Pads and Felt Saddle Pads are the Best Options for Barrel Racers: Unicorn Saddle Pads and Felt Saddle Pads are the go-to options for barrel racers for many reasons. The Unicorn Saddle Pad is made with a 100% NZ Virgin Merino wool felt contoured under pad with a beautiful hard-wearing tightly woven wool blanket top. The thickness of the felt under pad is 18mm, giving your horse the type of shock absorption you need in a fast-paced sport. The under pad is made from 100% NZ Virgin Merino wool felt that is breathable and will remove heat away from your horse, while also drawing moisture/sweat away from your horse's back, keeping them cooler and dryer under the pad.

Our Felt Saddle Pads, are also made from from 100% NZ Virgin Merino wool felt that keeps your horse comfortable and your saddle in place. It has wear leathers that provide durability and protection. These pads are available with thickness options of 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", and 1". These pads are ideal for barrel racers who are looking for a lightweight, breathable option that provides excellent shock absorption.

Measuring for the Right Saddle Pad Size: Before ordering a saddle pad, it's important to measure your saddle to ensure you get the right size. For the any saddle pad you want at least 1 inch clearance from the front and back of your saddle skirt for the pad length. 

In conclusion, the right saddle pad can make all the difference in your barrel racing performance. The Unicorn Saddle Pad and Felt Saddle Pad are both excellent options for barrel racers looking for a high-quality, breathable, and lightweight saddle pad. When selecting a saddle pad, make sure to measure your saddle correctly and choose a pad that provides excellent shock absorption, weight distribution, and breathability to keep your horse comfortable and performing at their best.


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